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Our OEM Services

Being a manufacturer of water treatment and dispending products, we extend our expertise in this field by providing OEM contract manufacturing services to organizations or individuals that wants to build their own water treatment product brand but do not want or are unable to invest in a factory. At the TK Multitrade group, having started as an entrepreneur ourselves, we truly understand the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and we provide flexible solutions in the manufacturing of their products.

Why Choose TK Multitrade?

  • We have the experience and expertise
  • We deliver what we promise
  • We provide on-site customer support
  • As we leverage on economies of scale, the production cost will be cheaper for our customers.
Our OEM methodology covers the entire lifecycle from product design to manufacturing to packaging. A firm believer in simplicity and getting things done, we employ a four stage process in our OEM services. 

Stage 1: Creation

The initial step in our business flow will see the gathering of the product requirements. The product requirements will be supplied via two methods where either the client provides us with their own designs or the client provides us with the ‘idea’ and ‘requirements’ of their product and we will carry out the design of the product. Once we have finalized the design, we will then evaluate the amount of material, components and man hours required to deliver the products. Based on the evaluation, we will then quote the client the manufacturing fees and also the delivery date of the products.

Stage 2: Build

Once the creation stage is complete, we will then initiate the planning in terms of manpower and purchasing of the requirement materials to achieve the delivery of the products and the proposed dateline. Once the planning is complete, we will then begin the manufacturing process of the product. At this stage, we will first manufacture a ‘prototype’ to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the product. Once our customers are satisfied with the ‘prototype’ unit, full scale production will then be initiated based on the agreed delivery timeline. Our manufacturing process utilizes machinery for precision which are operated by our qualified employees.


Stage 3: Quality Control

At this stage, the manufactured p­­­­­­roducts will undergo stringent testing by our qualified employees to ensure that the quality is as required by the client. Aside from the standard measurement testing, our testing methods also include the following:

Stage 4: Delivery

This stage is considered the final stage where we will package the manufactured product and deliver it to a designated location.

Our packaging services include the design of the package which includes the stickers on the product and the box that it comes in.

We will also facilitate in the development of a user manual for our customers.

Once packaging is complete, the products are then transferred for safe storage in our warehouse where it will await shipment to our customers designated location.